We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Branches Internship Program!

View our flyer for information about the Branches program beginning this fall and click here to apply!

Branches General Information

At Parks & People, our mission is to unite Baltimore by providing residents with the programs and resources they need to help make our city a cleaner, safer and greener place to live, play, work, learn and grow.

One of our most successful programs is Branches, an innovative year-round paid internship and summer jobs program for Baltimore City high school youth. Begun in 2004, Branches works with students to transition from high school into living wage green careers.

Branches Team

In fact, as part of our strategic plan our goal is to create the next generation of environmental leaders by providing paid employment and a pathway to green careers for 40 high school youth per year through Branches.

Branches participants learn environmental skills, including tree and natural resource management, urban agriculture, water quality monitoring and more. These talented youth make a positive impact on the community by completing green projects in Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Our hope is that hands-on environmental education will inspire and enhance each student’s respect for nature and nurture their future interest in pursuing a green career.

For more information about the program, contact Dave Coyle at [email protected] or 410-448-5663 x131.