Interns have the opportunity to play a key role in various projects relating to program development, innovative pilot projects or research to support a restoration of Baltimore’s urban parks, natural resources, and neighborhoods. Projects are involved in research and development, youth education and training, and community building with nonprofits, community organizations, and local government agencies like the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks. These projects help to broaden interns’ understanding of urban natural resource and neighborhood revitalization issues, as well as the link between their classroom learning and career development. Interns have a strong record of serving Baltimore, enhancing urban parks and natural resources, and achieving academic and professional success.
Parks & People invites undergraduates and graduate students to apply to and participate in a transformative internship program for the spring, summer or fall terms. The Urban Resource Initiative Internship Program is a partnership between the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, the Parks & People Foundation, and area universities to provide interns for priority projects in Baltimore parks.

There are no currently open internships.  For more information, contact Dr. Edward Orser, URI Program Manager.