The residents of Darley Park have a vision for the lots at the corner of Harford Road and Normal Avenue, a space that has been vacant for 20 years since the houses came down.

Building a Gateway Park at the entrance to the Darley Park neighborhood has been a collaborative effort since 2015 when pioneers The 6th Branch, NDC, BUILD and other groups brought the space from a muddy dumping ground to a usable space. In addition to invested stakeholders, more than 900 volunteers, whose efforts represent an $85,000+ investment, have worked on the space.

The efforts of these groups have catalyzed interest in taking the project to the next level. Bringing capital improvements to the space will transform it from a community project to an impressive and replicable example for vacant post-demolition sites.

The design is based upon neighborhood feedback gathered over multiple community meetings. The best-in-class neighborhood park builds upon existing amenities while adding features like enhanced green space, an arbor of trees, benches, chess tables, play surfacing and play equipment, seating, lighting, and beautiful stormwater planters that secure the site perimeter. It is on the verge of being a transformational asset and transforming the identity of the neighborhood.